22 Nov

It is impossible to know in advance what will happen and how it will happen, but this does not mean that everything can only be random.
Sometimes there is a deeper movement that goes beyond luck and chance. For example, I recently started developing my own watch brand. I chose the name Elka Watch Co. which is sort of my nickname, and I later realised that this brand existed in the 1960s.
I worked on designing a logo that would fit my vision of positioning the brand in the 1960's when the old brand died out, without taking inspiration from logos I found in the archives that had absolutely nothing to do with the old one.
This weekend a friend sent me a photo of an old ELKA from the 1950s and, to my surprise, I discovered that the logo on this watch was almost identical to my design.
This could be considered a mere coincidence, but I think it is more than a coincidence!

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