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ELKA watches are inspired by the times when a product was kept for life. You invested in durability, quality and uniqueness. The mindset is to step back to that period in the 1960s. To those pure and colourful aesthetics we still remember; back to the magical dreams of the space race, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Woodstock; a return to the struggles, the changes, the rebellious spirit that so marked that decade.

Something we want to touch, to feel...

The idea behind the X and The D Series is rooted in watchmaking history, when pocket watches were common. The watch case is the same for booth series, whose shape is taken from the shape of a pocket watch. The aim of this design is to have an organic object in hand, something like a pebble, something we want to touch, to feel...

The Movement

Manufactured at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by La Joux-Perret

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Chevé Box Type Sapphire Crystal

They are the most complicated version of watch sapphire

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Dials, Hands and Superluminova

Curved dials and hands with Superluminova for Elka X Curved dials and hands for Elka D

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Nato Strap

The name is short for NATO Stocking Number, a term that simply refers to the fact that the bracelet could be purchased in the NATO supply shop.

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Milanese Mesh

The Milanese bracelet is also known as Milanese mesh bracelet, as it is made of intertwined loops (fine mesh)

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A brand that echoes my vision. ELKA Watch Co. will be launched in 2022. How and why? I dreamt of developing my own brand but above all I wanted a brand with a story, truth & credibility. I chose to call it by my nickname, ELKA. Since I love the 60s, the products and the aesthetics of that era I have decided to make it my design line for this and future collections. When I wanted to protect the name, I realised that a brand called Elka Watch had already existed but had disappeared around the 60s & 70s precisely during the timeframe that I have chosen to base my designs on. This defunct Elka Watch was named after Eduard Louis Kiek from Amsterdam. I looked through its archives and realised that the brand had strong designs and had worked closely with other big names in the watch industry such as Ulysse Nardin, Heuer, Rolex, Minerva, to name only a few. So, without reviving the brand, I wanted to pay a tribute to this old Dutch brand with my first 2 series.


ELKA Watch en Clock Company Amsterdam:

The ELKA Watch Co. of 2022 has no connection with the defunct Amsterdam brand. We just wanted to pay a tribute to the old Dutch brand with our first 2 models. About them : Founded in 1877 in Amsterdam by Eliazer Kiek, inventor of the tactile watch for the blind and watchmaker to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. In 1949, the Elka Watch en Clock Company Amsterdam opened its Swiss branch in La Chaux-de-Fonds (it produced wristwatches of course but also pocket watches, braille watches, chronographs, chess and signal clocks). Then, in the mid-1970s, the brand disappeared along with Ernst Louis Kiek, grandson and last heir.

ELKA Watch en Clock Company Amsterdam


Watch Assembler


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Manufacture la Joux-Perret

Movement Manufacturer


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Pensou Consulting

Marketing Sparing Partner


V Project

Visual Communication


Photos by Nicolas Carvalho


Juliane Waefler


Amelie El Kadiri


Sergii Slepkan


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  • Rue du Musée 4, 2000 Neuchâtel, Suisse