15 Jan

This videos shows how a watch can look like with different straps

The strap in my opinion does not make the watch but it dresses it, we can see that a watch head will change with the type of strap with which you are going to match it, according to the material you are going to wear : leather, canvas, rubber, a Milanese mesh, or a multiple link bracelet, its colour or its cut.
The watch- head is indeed the major part, the technical part of the watch, the part that you will like and that you will want to own. If the watch is lucky, you will wear it every day, and it will certainly not mind if you "tune" it sometimes, according to your mood, your style of the day.
On the video, you can see an ELKA D02 with different straps, blue leather, cognac leather, grey-blue nylon or Milanese mesh, you choose how you would like to wear it...

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