22 Nov

Elka Watch Co. is a Micro-Brand, which is the term commonly used in the field.The term "Micro Brand" is generally used in the watch industry although it can also be used more broadly to describe any field that produces on a small scale that is probably only recognised in niche communities and among enthusiasts. In recent years we have seen the rise of young watch brands. These so-called "micro-brands" are generally founded by enthusiasts, whether or not they have experience in the watchmaking field. Some of these projects were able to emerge thanks to Kickstarter-type participatory financing platforms, such as ELka Watch Co. The first micro-brands appeared around 2005, with the advent of the Internet, brands were able to distribute watches directly to consumers through e-commerce. But also thanks to 3-D printing, which allows to test shapes and sizes without breaking the bank, as well as the possibility to buy movements from the various players that have emerged since the beginning of this century. There are currently a myriad of micro-brands, each of which will bring its own stone to the edifice, with models that are probably more advanced than those coming out of the "big" brands, which will not dare to go in this or that direction. On the other hand, the micro-brand must stand out, do things differently and follow its product and communication strategy. The micro-brand generally has only one message, and will not try to spread itself too thin. It does not look to the established norms but rather opts for innovation, speed, authenticity, customisation, quality follow-up for each piece, and a close customer relationship.

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