Arinis stays true to the codes of the young brand and takes the form of a stylish diver's watch. This watch boasts the same dimensions, chevé-box sapphire crystal, lugs shape, and emblematic side edge line as the original series. The watch is adorned with a ceramic ring bezel and superluminova numerals, and is water-resistant to 20 bar (200m).
The watch is named after the ancient name of the village of Saint-Blaise, which dates back to the first millennium. This name was chosen for many reasons: the village's location on the shores of Switzerland's Lake Neuchâtel and the region's rich history, which includes the Celts and the Palafittes civilizations. These ancient people built dwellings on the lake's poles to allow for fluctuating water levels. The watch's design is inspired by the region's history, with elements that recall the Celtic wheel found in the lake, the stock of ceramics found at Chemin du Diable in Saint-Blaise, and the lake itself. These elements are reflected in the watch's shape, material used such as the bezel in ceramic.