28 Dec

Life is beautiful ... and has some nice surprises in store for us! 2022 coming to an end. For some, it went by too fast, while for others it was very long ... for me, this year was intense. Despite some health concerns during the first quarter of the year, my project became public in June thanks to a crowdfunding Since then, the brand has already been nominated 3 times in competitions and mentioned many times as a promising brand of 2022. Moreover, I was lucky enough to be able to open a few points of sale already. What makes me even happier is the support from all sides, from my wife, my children, my friends, my family, suppliers, the press, outlets, former colleagues. All this gives me the energy to believe and to continue. The success of the project is also due to all these people. The year 2022 was intense ... I wish you all the best of health, success and happiness for 2023.

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