11 Dec

A watch conveys a message, the one you want to communicate about yourself. It is an extension of your personality; when you wear it, everyone can see it, understand it and understand you.

How do you convey an emotion on the web when images are in 2D? If you can't understand all the facets of it - if you can't understand the message it has to convey?

For Elka Watch Co. I positioned the brand in the late 1960s, because for me it was a time of new beginnings; Creativity, innovation, revolutions of all kinds. It was a time of renewal, a spirit free of constraints, a desire for world peace, for walking on the moon, for social balance, for an idealistic world to make it better, for me; Elka watches convey this message, by their form and their environment, you will understand once you have a piece in your hand!

I would like to introduce you to the way Yann Berger - "The V-Project" gave the touch of the "late 1960's".

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