15 Apr

The KickStarter went well, the amount reached more than 250% of the desired amount. The vast majority of people were delivered about 5 months in advance! The project didn't wait for the Kickstarter to start, in fact, on January 2nd 2022, as a new year's resolution, I placed the orders to all the actors of my project. The Kickstarter was a milestone in my project, which allowed me to gather all the necessary forces, and to make from it a starting point; for the Kickstarter platform of course, the photo shooting, the video presentation, the website, my relationship with the press, as well as for a presentation event... Then I had to develop the rest, reorder a second quantity of components to the suppliers, develop few novelties so as not to serve only a reheated Kickstarter (although still very few people could see the first models). This last period was very instructive, I learn every day. Checking the watches, assembling the bracelets, packing the watches, delivering them directly or sending them by transport companies (if outside Switzerland), managing my stocks, writing my texts, doing accounting and much more! As I mentioned a few months ago, "I have always admired entrepreneurs, people who created a company, who made it grow and who lived this role with passion, I myself was what is called an intrapreneur, it is a priori the same thing, it is a function that allows you to take decisions with responsibilities, that allows you to develop with passion, because you are fully involved in your projects - but I did it in a large group; which gives us a lot of room of  freedom in a certain sense. "Today it's done, I have developed a product, a brand that resembles me, a product with a soul, with a story, and I'm interested in what happens next!

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